About Us and our Kennel

​We are a small breeder in Northwestern WI.  All of our dogs are family pets as well as hunting dogs. They actually all live in the house with us and are spoiled rotten!  They all came from very good hunting and field trail backgrounds and have great temperments for both family dogs and hunters.

Our number 1 goal is to help you find the right lab puppy
that suits you and your family’s needs. Whether it be a family
pet, hunting dog, or for field trails/hunt tests.  We have been breeding labs for about 5 year now, and our goal is to produce Labradors that are extremely intelligent with fantastic dispositions.  We are very thorough with our research into the dogs we choose to breed and only choose the best.  The result has been fantastic puppies that excel in any area they are used in.  We now have pups that are in a wide range of areas from dock jumping, agility, TSA, Police K-9, Air Force, shed hunting, waterfowl and upland hunting, hunt tests, field trials and service dogs. Our pups are bred first and foremost to be that special member of your family that loves to play and snuggle and give unconditional love to the entire family.    

Our labs are not all English or all American.  All of our dogs have a combination of the 2 in their pedigrees.  The combination has given us beautiful pups with a lot of drive and desire, but also know when it's time to relax and curl up with their people,  We do only breed the Fox Reds at this time, but will be expanding in the near future to black labs as well.  Even when breeding 2 fox reds together, that doesn't mean all of the pups will be reds.  We do occasionally have some light yellows as well.  What many people do not know is that the Fox Red color is actually what the original yellow labs looked like before they were diluted down over years to the typical yellow labs you see today.  The red color is called Fox Red but is classified as yellow.  Yellow means everything from white to the very dark fox reds.   

 As stated earlier, our dogs are bred for anything, but disposition is a huge one for us.  Our pups all have very laid back dispositions when in the house, but are also very motivated and driven when it's time to work.  We are very honest and up front with all of our puppy buyers with the temperaments of the parents and what they do here with us.  We invite any potential buyer to come out to meet/visit with all of our dogs to truly see what they will be receiving in their puppy.

We live near Amery WI. I am a veterinary technician and taking care of all of our furbabies is such a joy for me.  I adiminister all of their vaccines and de-wormer as well as their microchips.  All of our puppies are also vet checked before they leave and each individual pup is given a health certificate as well as one for the whole litter.  All of our pups also come with a 26 month health guarantee against genetic defects.  We enjoy updates and pictures as the pups grow and throughout the dogs life.  We love each and every baby we have and sending them off to their new forever homes is bittersweet. 

All of our pups are born in the house and live in here until they are about 4-5 weeks old.  All of our pups are introduced to a wide rage of things to ensure they aren't afraid of anything when they leave.  They are also introduced to pheasant wings at about 3 weeks old and at about 6 weeks old they're introduced to the whole pheasant as well as to ducks. 

We looking forward to hearing from you!!
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Tango's Red Labrador Retrievers
Georgia and Van Johnsen
1107 150th St.
Amery WI, 54001
920-296-8240 - Georgia
920-210-1999 - Van
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Our Boy Tango
  1. Central Minnesota Junior Hunt Test 2014
    Central Minnesota Junior Hunt Test 2014
  2. Northern Flights O/H Qual 2015
    Northern Flights O/H Qual 2015
  3. Sleepy Tango all cozy on the bed
    Sleepy Tango all cozy on the bed
  4. Blackhawk Senior Hunt Test 2014
    Blackhawk Senior Hunt Test 2014
  5. Minnesota Field Trial Association 2015
Handled by Tim Springer
    Minnesota Field Trial Association 2015 Handled by Tim Springer
  6. Northern Flights Junior Hunt Test 2014
    Northern Flights Junior Hunt Test 2014
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